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Our confectionery art

The Vogrig's products are special because they were born from a culinary culture and art in a particular part of Italy, the Valli del Natisone.

The company work with genuineness and authenticity and you can find in recipes and in all production processes, handed down from parents, through the care and the attention in the realization, with the selection and use of the best raw materials.

Besides traditional products, of which the jewel in the crown is rapresented by the Gubana and by Struky, small filled cakes that are also part of the cultural heritage of the area, Vogrig offers oder gluttonous and sweet-smelling specialities

La Gubana & Struky: local pastries of Friuli region

Gubana is a renowned specialty that has its origin in the green valleys crossed by the river Natisone, creating a passage of singular beauty just a few kilometres east of Udine. It's the sweet symbol of Friuli, the gift to wish prosperity and wealth.

It owes its name to its characteristic shape of a spiral: in fact "gubat", in the local dialect, means wrapping. The old method of Gubana handed down over time, is faithfully revived by Vogrig.
Made of sweet dough yeast, hand-wrapped on itself to take the typical spiral form, contains within it a rich filling of chopped hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, pine nuts. The ingredients are in total 19, blended with ancient wisdom. The Gubana, which requires three days of work to be prepared, is left to rise up to the classic volume, then placed in an oven. Cooking takes place at moderate temperatures for about 50 minutes. Absolutely free of dyes and preservatives, maintains its fragrance and goodness for months, if kept in a cool and dry place.

Further information: GUBANA HISTORY

Struky, a time, in the "Valli del Natisone", were also offered by spouses, instead of the traditional sugared almonds. They are leavened sweets with a rich filling of hazelnuts and walnuts. Ideal after a meal in combination with the coffee, they are free of dyes and preservatives and maintain their fragrance and goodness for months.

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